UniqueSourcing Easy Reliable Efficient Procurement from Asia. Quoted unit price & lead time. Product design/development, manufacturing, QC, shipping, importing.

Unique Sourcing Pty Ltd is based in Perth, Western Australia. We assist local companies source products, mainly from Asia and facilitate export of commodities.

By professionally managing all aspects of Product Development, Manufacturing, Quality Control, and Shipping, UniqueSourcing delivers exactly what you needed easily, reliably, and efficiently.

Contact UniqueSourcing to improve your procurement and your profitability.

We assist our network of contacts with finding supply of commodities for export.

Contact UniqueSourcing for assistance with trade facilitation.

Unique Sourcing pty ltd

Endorsements By Customers

The team at UniqueSourcing have proven to be true to their moto. We used to waste days of management time finding Asian suppliers. Often times those suppliers could not even deliver what they had promised.

Now we can simply request a visit from UniqueSourcing, they see exactly what we need, find the factory, do all the QC in Asia and ship it to us, easy!
John C – Rockingham, WA
Thanks UniqueSourcing. Another consignment, as quoted. On time, on budget, correct specification.
Aaron J – Kewdale, WA
Buying “off the shelf” is one thing, UniqueSourcing did a great job of managing some new products. They met our team in our office, wrote the specification and concept. They generated CAD-CAM designs and detailed quote. Once we signed off samples followed. The shipment arrived on time and was one our simplest new projects to date.
Fred K, Perth WA
Initially we were introduced to UniqueSourcing by an Australian sales agent to make equipment bags for our high-end industrial products, now we just contact them for anything that we do not already have a reliable supplier for.
Darryl, Newark, NJ
When EN13138 was introduced, it was impossible to find someone to supply the new test Manikin at a reasonable price. UniqueSourcing was able to interpret the very complex diagram, generate the CAD-CAM files and get the test manikin certified for lab use and ship to us at a price not much more than what we could get a local company to quote for the CAD-CAM files!
James, Reading, UK.