Unique Sourcing Pty Ltd offers a complete procurement service.

We provide a detailed up-front quote for price and lead time based on your product specification/requirements.

Where necessary, UniqueSourcing can provide samples from earlier production, with similar features to assist in understanding the options available.

Pre-Production samples are made to your exact requirements.

The UniqueSourcing team has all the resources to develop, manufacture and ship, exactly what you need, easily and cost-effectively.

The UniqueSourcing can also provide local consulting services to support your existing procurement projects.

Typical facets of a “unit price” quoted by UniqueSourcing include:

  • Product Development
  • Product Design (including CAD-CAM and Tooling, etc where necessary)
  • Artwork
  • Factory Selection and Vetting
  • Production Management
  • Sample selection and lab testing where required
  • Quality Control
  • Shipping

UniqueSourcing (hyperlink to contact page in new tab) can source or produce almost anything you may require, except for food items.

In most cases, if you can explain what you need, we can find an existing option, or make something new.

Depending on your specification we can source some items from an existing product range within our library of pre-vetted factories.

Where necessary, we can find new suppliers, checking their credentials thoroughly before quoting and sending an inspector “on site” to verify their capabilities before working with them.

Our product development team comes to the fore where existing products are not available and you need something developed from scratch or an existing product customized to your specific needs.

The UniqueSourcing team can work with the most embryonic ideas, rough sketches, or final blue prints and carry them from your concept, through design, development, tooling stages, then into production.

As with all UniqueSourcing products, we manage the manufacturing, quality control and can assist with shipping and importing where necessary.

We have local staff on the ground, typically who speak the same local dialect as the factory managers performing site visits, factory vetting, DuPro (During Production) and PSI (Pre Shipment Inspections) inspections.

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